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Bacteria: Part two

Posted on October 16th, 2015 by

By Arnold Malone
Pioneer Columnist
For more than a century we thought that germs were bad. It is now ingrained in many of us that bacteria are enemies. Of the bacteria that exists in our bodies some are harmful, many are just thankful that we have provided a warm home, and a huge number are as vital as any organ.
Our street language makes it sound like we should rid ourselves of bacteria. If we did, we would be constipated, unable to process food and we would be dead by sunset. For a …


Valley Pioneer: The valley’s original part-time resident: William Heap Holland

Posted on January 6th, 2011 by

Editor’s note: In the November 26th edition of The Pioneer, we ran a Historical Lens photo of William Heap Holland (see photo, above). Coincidentally, Dorothy Isted was writing a story about Mr. Holland and his influence in the valley at the same time.
By Dorothy Isted, Special to The Pioneer
William Heap Holland was a third-generation cotton mill owner who helped shape the future of Fairmont Hot Springs. Born in England in 1873 to Samuel and Rachel (née Heap) Holland, he later traveled the world and ended up in this valley, …