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Jumbo municipality outlines next year’s objectives

Not much has happened on the ground with the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort project since former provincial Environment Minister Mary Polak’s non-substantial start decision and subsequent cancellation of the project’s environmental assessment certificate almost two years ago, but Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality council continues to tick along, with council holding meetings every few months.
Council members are essentially in limbo, awaiting the results of the Ktunaxa First Nation’s legal case against the province’s decision to give Jumbo the go-ahead, as well as the results of project proponent Glacier Resort Ltd.’s efforts to challenge the non-substantial start decision.
During their Tuesday, June 20th meeting, Jumbo council members received the municipality’s 2017 annual report, which outlined progress in 2016 and laid out objectives for the rest of 2017 and 2018.
The progress report points out that, given the current hold on development activity, the municipality did little in 2016 beyond basic administration operations, but highlights that although the municipality itself is not busy, “Glacier Resorts Ltd. is exploring both the option of a reduced bed base in order to be exempt from the revised Environmental Assessment Act and the option of having the decision to cancel the Environmental Assessment Certificate overturned.”
In terms of 2017 objectives, the report says the municipality expects a revised master plan (for fewer than the 2,000 beds that would trigger an Environmental Assessment process) and a Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Ktunaxa’s case this year, but adds that the short window for construction each summer means little to no activity will occur this summer.
Under 2018 objectives, the report reads that “if development plans have been clarified, it is expected that the municipality will move forward with the comprehensive zoning bylaw for the resort base.”
The Ktunaxa’s case was heard by the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa last December, and the nine Supreme Court judges having been deliberating the matter since. There are no timelines for the Supreme Court to issue judgements, and rulings can take anywhere from weeks to months, but many observers close to the case have said they feel a ruling will be likely sometime this summer.

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