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Columbia Valley Classic Autumn Show & Shine gets new location

After six years of being held at The Springs Golf Course in Radium B.C., the Columbia Valley Classic Autumn Show & Shine will be moving to a new location. The decision to move venues came after a misunderstanding during a planning meeting between the course and car club organizers. The Columbia Valley Classics decided after their planning meeting it was best for the event to move to Copper Point Golf Club.

“The club doesn’t want to feel like they’re being bullied into anything or pressured into things that we don’t want to do. There was a feel of that, that it was going to be their way and not how we perceived our show being. So unfortunately for this year the venue will change and Copper Point has been gracious enough to give us the location and support us with what we want to do and how we want to do it,” said Columbia Valley Classics president Vicki Roberts.

Ms. Roberts said “it’s still a whole valley event. It’s not like it’s not still in the Valley,” stressing that many of the weekend’s festivities will stay in the Village of Radium.

“We’ll still continue to do our registration night and have the Blues Brothers and stuff in Radium on the Friday night. Then after the show at Copper Point Golf Club, there will be a cruise down into Invermere and then back through to Radium,” said Ms. Roberts.

The new partnership between Copper Point Golf Club and Columbia Valley Classics will see a few changes to the event, but both parties plan to keep the event nearly identical to how it’s usually run. Brian Schaal, general manager at Copper Point Golf Club, confirmed that Radium Sunrise Rotary Club will still be involved with the concessions, however, Copper Point will control the beer garden.

As the Radium Sunrise Rotary Club was informed Friday, July 7th of the venue changed they declined to comment on how this will affect their involvement in the event.

“We’re certainly excited to bring it to Copper Point and Invermere that’s for sure, huge opportunity for us and we’re looking forward to hosting not only all the cars but everybody that comes through,” said Mr. Schaal.

In the past Copper Point had approached the classics to offer support to the event in any way they could, so when a new venue was needed, the club asked Copper Point Golf Club to take on their event.

“Over the past couple of years we’ve been approached by them a few times as to if they can help with anything or is there anything they can help host so when we ran into our issue we are having right now we contacted them and asked them about hosting the show at Copper point,” said Ms. Roberts.

Copper Point has already been out on their driving range mapping out the area for the event, and Mr. Schaal commented they’re excited for the opportunity.

“We were asked to be partners with them and we are happy they did ask us. We’re community minded and we’re here to support the community and make sure this event thrives and continues,” said Mr. Schaal.

As the venue change unfold The Pioneer will continue to update the public with any changes regarding the event. For more information visit the Columbia Valley Classics website http://columbiavalleyclassics.com

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