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New club gets wheels rolling

KING OF THE HILL — A new off-road club, focusing on jeep owners, has been started in the valley to explore the many backcountry roads that line the area.  Photo submitted

KING OF THE HILL — A new off-road club, focusing on jeep owners, has been started in the valley to explore the many backcountry roads that line the area.
Photo submitted

By Dan Walton
Pioneer Staff

There’s no more excuses to own a clean 4×4 after the recent formation of the East Kootenay Jeep Club.
While Jeeps are well-suited for the club’s activities, any owner of a rugged four-wheel-drive vehicle is welcome to join. During a conversation with The Pioneer, club founder and organizer Nate Camilli spoke about the benefits of offroading in a group.
“It’s a good way for people to get out there and be with others who are into offroading as well, and also for safety reasons – it’s nice to be out there with partners in case something does happen.”
Mr. Camilli hopes to see the group attract drivers who are going to be respectful to the environment.
“It’s more of a family oriented kind of thing; people bringing kids out, people who just like to get out there and have fun in a safe manner,” he said.
Meetings hosted by the club will take place throughout the East Kootenays, described as a multifarious region by Mr. Camilli.
“There’s a lot of flatland with rolling trails, and out in the Rocky Mountains there’s a lot of steep, rockier stuff. It’s really diverse when you look at the whole area on a whole,” he said. “It’s from one extreme right to the other. I think the East Kootenays offers a great blend of experiences.”
Though the spring time offers plentiful opportunity for avid mudders, Mr. Camilli says the wet dirt won’t be the focus of the group.
“For the most part it will be trail rides on established roads – not a lot of just going out and trying to get muddy, rather a lot of it’s going to be getting out and trying to see the sights,” he said.
A warm invite is being extended by Mr. Camilli for those interested.
“If anybody who wants to come out and try it out with us they are more than welcome,” he said. “We’re going to be a respectful club and it’ll be a lot of fun.”
However, no uninsured vehicles will be allowed, he says. But, “As long as your vehicle is legal for road-use and as long as it’s capable enough for the trail, then I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t come out.” 
A message to ekjeepclub@gmail.com will get you on the mailing list, or search for the club on Facebook.

Dan Walton
Email: dan@columbiavalleypioneer.com
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Before joining The Pioneer early in 2013, Dan was employed at a Saskatchewan newspaper. While the views of the sky are an appealing feature of the Prairies, the scenery can't compare to the mountains found only in British Columbia, where Dan looks forward to hiking, biking, rock climbing and downhill skiing, and writing the occasional opinionated column, while keeping his mind open to opposing viewpoints. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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