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Morlove is never enough


By Greg Amos
Pioneer Staff

A West Coast collaboration between two strong and unique songwriters is headed to Bud’s Bar and Lounge on Wednesday, May 1st.

Morlove — a duo comprised of Victoria’s Corwin Fox and Montreal’s Miss Emily Brown — will be bringing songs from their critically-acclaimed debut album, All Of My Lakes Lay Frozen Over and their just-released new album, Old Tomorrow, to Invermere.

With the new record only available since April 23rd, Morlove will be bringing the excitement that comes with playing new songs for their fans.

“I played in Invermere on Halloween with the illustrious Raghu Lokanathan and it was a pretty amazing experience,” Corwin Fox told The Pioneer. “I can’t wait to get back to the Columbia Valley and play in a completely new venue with a completely new band.We know we have a pretty strong following in that area so hopefully we can fill Bud’s Bar and Lounge with as much Morlove as it can handle.”

The group, which has been described as West Coast orchestral folk, will bring a new dimension to Bud’s as one of the less noise-driven acts to play at the venue in recent months.

Old Tomorrow is an album that delves into science, folklore, legends, urban designs and cycles of the moon and stars.

“We hope people enjoy the sounds of our new album as much as we enjoyed making them,” added Mr. Fox. “It’s been a long but rewarding process, and we are really proud to be touring in support of an album we are so excited about; you can be sure our excitement will be obvious once we hit the stage.”

The album was recorded on Quadra Island (one of the Gulf Islands in B.C.) featuring a host of string players. Contributors include Hannah Epperson (violin), Christina Zaenker (cello), and Neil Burnett (Celtic harp) as well as Jake Jenne on drums and Manjinder Benning on tabla and dilruba. Several tracks were recorded live off the floor, giving the album a genuine live sound.

Tickets to the show cost $10 at the door, and Morlove will take the stage at about 8:30 p.m.

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Editor Greg Amos hails from White Rock, B.C., and recently arrived in the Columbia Valley after five years as a reporter and editor on the Sunshine Coast and in the Peace Region of B.C. He's looking forward to exploring the trails, ski slopes, mountains and rock faces of the Columbia Valley. Greg has a Journalism Certificate from Langara College and B.Sc. in Geography from UBC.

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