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Kickoff coming for cancer fundraiser

Relay for Life coordinator Sheila Tutty

Relay for Life coordinator Sheila Tutty

As we approach one of the biggest cancer fundraisers of the year, the Relay for Life, a kickoff takes place each spring to prolong the magic.
This year’s kickoff event in the valley will take place at the familiar location of Copper Point Golf Club on Wednesday, May 1st.
“They are such a giving company,” said Sheila Tutty, Relay for Life coordinator. “They contributed so much to the community and they have hosted our kickoff party for as long as I can remember.”
While many communities host Relay kickoffs to promote awareness, valley residents have a rich history of beginning their fundraising with strong numbers.
“We do make anywhere between $10,000 and $14,000 at our kickoff, so it’s a really good start to get people in the mind to do fundraising – that’s what the Relay is all about.”
Copper Point Golf Club will be hosting the event in their clubhouse and catering with “a nice variety”of appetizers. The evening will revolve around the auctioneering of donated items, as generous bidders go to war in support of the Relay for Life.
As a regular donor of his time, Invermere auctioneer Tex Lortscher will be taking the bids at the kickoff. Children will also have their opportunity to win.
“We usually have three different gift packs for children, and then the kids buy tickets for a dollar a piece and put the stubs in the prize they wanna win,” Ms. Tutty explained.
The kickoff begins at 6:30 p.m. and there is no cover charge. The event is open to every member of the public.
“You don’t have to be a relay participant or a cancer survivor or a loved one,” Ms. Tutty said. “We just ask that those who come support the auction.”
This year’s auction will consist of a two-day accommodation package for up to six people at the Nipika Mountain Resort, as well as gift baskets, golf passes, and gift certificates.
If you would like to donate towards the auction, or to acquire more information, call Ms. Tutty at 250-342-9059.

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