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Coming up in the Columbia

This year's annual Fairmont & District Lions' Charity Golf Day at Coy's Par 3 Golf Course takes place on Saturday, June 15th and has sold out again.

This year’s annual Fairmont & District Lions’ Charity Golf Day at Coy’s Par 3 Golf Course takes place on Saturday, June 15th and has sold out again.

By Pioneer Staff

So many events are happening in the valley over the next week that we had to condense them into one story:

Craft Beer Revolution
At the Station Neighborhood Pub on Friday, June 14th at 6 p.m., the Arrowhead Brewing Company presents writer Joe Wiebe, who will give an entertaining talk about B.C.’s booming craft beer scene in celebration of the release of his book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C. Breweries. To write this book, Mr. Wiebe undertook what he called his “Craft Beer Odyssey”— a  road trip around the bottom half of the province visiting as many craft beer hubs as possible.

The book is filled with recommendations for beer tasting tours, lists of the best brews, and entertaining trivia. Personalized copies of his book will be available for $19.95, and will include a free pint of Arrowhead beer.

Charity Golf Day
The annual Fairmont & District Lions’ Charity Golf Day at Coy’s Par 3 Golf Course has sold out again. On Saturday, June 15th, golfers will experience “pure, unadulterated fun,” Carmel Robbins said from the Lion’s Communication Committee. “It’s a little par 3 and it’s a nine hole course, and we start off eight people at a time — so it’s a lot of fun.” She said that the funds will support the Fairmont community den, as the Lions have recently purchased a building to serve as their new home.

East Kootenay Beer Festival
If you like all sorts of beer, hopefully you bought your tickets to the 2nd Annual East Kootenay Beer Festival at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, because it sold out again this year. The main event happens on Saturday, June 15th, when 70 brands of beer will be sampled at the Fairmont ski hill from 4 to 8 p. m. An after-party will be taking place at the Bear’s Paw with more beer, live music and good food — and it doesn’t require a festival ticket.

Kitties on Parade
Local non-profit group Invermere Companion Animal Network (better known as ICAN) is holding a cat adoption event next week and offering 60 per cent off its normal cat adoption fees. Those interested in giving a cat a good home can head down to ICAN’s “Kitties on Parade” on Sunday, June 16th. The parade will go from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. All cats up for adoption at the event have already been spayed or neutered. Adopting a cat that is 10 months or older will come with the massive discount during the parade, costing just $40. Adopting a kitten costs the regular $100.

Bears Without Fear
A former Banff National Park superintendent has just released a new book about bears and will be in Invermere giving a presentation about it next week. In Kevin Van Tighem’s ‘Bears: Without Fear’, he draws on his decades of wildlife experience to explore humans’ continually changing relationships with and attitudes to bears. Van Tighem is currently touring the East Kootenay to promote his book and will be in Invermere at the CPR Lodge on Sunday, June 16th at 7:30 p.m. The book is published by Rocky Mountain Books and the presentation and tour are being put on with support from WildSafeBC and local environmental group Wildsight.

Reel Youth Film Festival
All are welcome to Reel Youth, a touring film festival which will be making its way to David Thompson Secondary School on Monday, June 17th at 7 p.m. The event will feature short films produced by local students, as well as students from around the world. “The filmmakers will have the chance to present and talk about their film to the audience,” said organizer Jelena Emrich. “It’s mostly about topics concerning young people, but the films will be interesting for everybody.” The audience will vote on their favourite film at the end.

Drive for a Cure
During the month of June, golf professionals will golf from sunrise to sunset to support those living with ALS. Pros from Copper Point Golf Club on June 18th, Eagle Ranch Resort on June 19th and Windermere Valley Golf Course on June 21st will golf as many holes as possible to raise awareness and funds for the ALS Society of BC. You can donate at www.golfathonforals.ca .

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