Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers October 19th

Cheers to the fall weather. You’re so cool!

Cheers to a couple of local businesses and people who provided exceptional customer service to me last week: Courtney at Lordco and Mike at OK Tire. Your service was outstanding and would never be experienced in a city. Much appreciated!

Huge Cheers to Justin and his incredible crew at Rocky River Grill for their sponsorship of Feed the Valley on October 9th in aid of the Columbia Valley Food Bank. It’s community minded citizens like that who make it possible for the Food Bank to be supportive of people in our valley. And Cheers to the many in our communities that showed up and supported this event.

Jeers to whomever is in charge of putting up and taking down the campfire ban and area restriction signs. Both are over, the signs should be removed by now.

Cheers to Jaye at Selkirk Cellular, the Telus Store, for helping two seniors set up their new I-Phones. You are a thorough and patient teacher. Your technical expertise was impressive.

Cheers! I have been to some great restaurants, but my recent experiences at the Hoodoo Bar and Grill blows all other experiences away. From the magnificent artistry of Pat Morris, Donovan Sawatzky and Cody Lang to the warm welcoming nature of the servers Natasha, Sonja and Cory. Very impressive! It is this type of product and service that encourages our visiting supporters to return….5 STAR RATING.

Major Jeers to the lowlifes who slashed all four tires and broke three windows on a car parked at Whiteswan natural pools. Obviously, you have a complete lack of brains to realize how much inconvenience you caused to three innocent people.

Cheers to the Pioneer for reporting about the Snake, he deserved what he got and hasn’t fooled everyone, especially the CRA!

Huge Cheers to Ms. Meehan for a brave no-brainer letter. I’ve written a couple letters and paid the price of voicing my opinion locally.

CHEERS to Elinore Florence and Dee Conklin for the lovely “Lest we Forget” posters that grace the main street of Invermere. What a great tribute to the local veterans. Well done ladies.

Jeers to the nonexistent concession at the arena. So many hungry people. We miss you Peter. You never missed a game and had the best fries EVER!

Jeers, Jeers, Jeers! Unbelievable!! The local sani dump has been permanently closed, really? Any suggestions as to what us campers, and tourists, should do with our trailer/camper sewer tanks?

Cheers to all the residents of Windermere who will go out and vote on the two Water issues presented before us. There is so very much to lose if residents are apathetic and the final outcome is taken totally out of our control. Cheers to Wendy Booth and the RDEK who has presented us the opportunity for the entire east side to speak as one voice with the second petition.

Cheers to the Columbia Valley Search and Rescue for the part they played in the search for Dorian Sawatzky. The valley is lucky to have a group of highly skilled volunteers working collaboratively with the RCMP and other emergency services.

A huge Cheers to all the neighbors who helped search for the missing little boy on Thanksgiving weekend, especially the ones who found him and placed a sweater on him to keep him warm. Cheers to the two RCMP officers who helped facilitate his return safely.

Cheers to the people who followed the rules of the new Westside Legacy Trail and left their dogs at home on the weekend! Others did not, and dogs were pooping everywhere- even in the middle of the pristine, new blacktop. How to show our appreciation to all the people who’ve made a tremendous effort to bring us this wonderful community amenity. Cheers to the people who showed respect for others.

Cheers & Jeers October 12th

Jeers to the women in the black car who wasn’t looking both ways and almost hit me in my car. I may be an N driver, but I could tell you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. Please try to focus on all your surroundings before you hurt yourself or someone else.

The biggest Cheers to the Edgewater Recreation Society on the new rink project. They have done an amazing job. The countless hours they’ve put in to make it successful and always keeping everyone informed on ideas and progress. It’s looking awesome!

Cheers to Cortney and the DOI for a great Oktoberfest event. Double Cheers for partnering with Sonshine Children’s Centre and Windermere Valley Childcare Society for the fundraising opportunity. It was a fun event.

Cheers to all the Lake Windermere fall shoreline cleanup volunteers who turned out to help keep our beaches clean last weekend. Together we removed over 30 lbs of trash, 450+ small bits of plastic, and 500+ cigarette butts from the shore! Another Cheers is earned by those who dispose of their cigarette butts in a proper waste disposal, instead of leaving them behind on our public beaches.

Cheers to the thoughtful person who found and returned my lost wallet. There was no name or number to be reached but I am appreciative for you going out of your way to drop it off at my house. Cheers you know who you are.

Jeers to the person who helped themselves to the tree I spent my lunch hour cutting up Friday Sept. 29th on Toby Hill at the highway gravel pit. You must really feel like a man taking a load of wood home you didn’t even cut. Or providing your family with the wood you stole.

Cheers to all the staff of McNeil Mowing and Irrigation for the good service for the season.

Cheers to the kind hearts at Invermere Veterinary Hospital for their care and gentle touch as we helped guide my constant companion of the last 18 years over the rainbow bridge.

A big belated Cheers to the Summit Trail Makers for all their work and particularly for the Hell Roaring Creek Bridge.

Three loud Cheers to the Windermere Elementary School PAC for organizing such a wonderful Carnival for all of the families in the valley to enjoy! Your hard work and dedication to this event is highly appreciated by all of the staff at WES.

Cheers to all the hardworking and dedicated Volunteers at the Invermere Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store. Much appreciated.

Jeers to the new online format of the Pioneer. It is hard to scroll and read. Shame on the big corporate people who wreck small newspapers. Good thing the paper version is still O.K.

Jeers to anyone who steals the DVD movies from the cases at the Thrift Store. They are only a Dollar. When you steal from the Thrift Store you are stealing money that these Hardworking Volunteers donate to our Hospital and Community programs!

A huge shout out Cheers to the Copper Point Wednesday Golf Group for your extremely generous donation to the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley again this year. To be chosen by your group is an honor and we are very appreciative of the support.

Huge Cheers to Dylan Agnew for helping me out! Much appreciated, YOU ROCK!

Cheers to No Frills and the Thrift Store. Us retired elders scraping by on fixed pensions and people having hard times monetarily can now afford to eat and clothe themselves. Much appreciated, God bless you!

Cheers to the ladies of the front office of The Pioneer Newspaper. YOU GO GIRLS!

Cheers & Jeers October 5th

Cheers to our Mayor Gerry Taft. Sure, everyone makes mistakes but just look at Invermere and all the great things you have ushered in. Wonderful!

Cheers to the wonderful honest person who turned my purse into the staff at Tim Hortons on Saturday September 30th. May your life be blessed.

Massive heartfelt Cheers to Sobeys for your fruit donation after our Little Fox Run at Sonshine Daycare. The kids really enjoyed the bananas, apples and oranges! Your kindness and generosity was so very appreciated!

A huge Cheers to the local businesses who continue to provide employment opportunities for our Special Needs students! We deeply appreciate your efforts in raising the profile of supported employment in Invermere.

Cheers to Dean and Edie and the Canadian Crossfire band! You sure know how to throw a 60th birthday party!

Jeers to the uncourteous drivers who insist on speeding up at the merge lane to screw other drivers trying to merge. Next time try being courteous and let people merge… it actually feels much better than being a jerk.

Cheers to the wonderful friends in the valley for sharing their garden vegetables.

Cheers to all the volunteers at the Thrift Shop.

Jeers to the person who took my grey zip up jacket from A&W. I was only gone for 30 minutes before I realised that I left it there and it was already gone.

Huge Cheers to the Rockies Hockey Team for giving up their entire Sunday to support the Windermere Elementary Community Carnival! Their help was an integral part of making this event happen and making it a success. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Kayja Becker for her incredible sense of community, her brilliant mind and her positive attitude!

Cheers to Terry, my pal, for special catering last Saturday! The homemade buns and your beet relish were delicious.

Cheers to Ross and Ryan for taking the time to help two elderly ladies put wheels back under their wagon. Much appreciated!

A big Cheers to the wonderful people who noticed my flat tire in front of the grocery store. Not only did you air it up for me, you left a note to make sure we stay safe. It made my day and it blew my mind, much appreciated!

Cheers and a very happy 60th birthday to the lovely people renting the Windermere Hall on the weekend; for your assistance on the morning of the carnival and for so graciously letting us invade your space.

Cheers to the Invermere Bakery for the special and friendly staff.

Cheers to the Radium Hot Springs First Responders, who jumped out of bed at 5 a.m. and were at our home to help my husband within 10 minutes. You guys are a local treasure.

Cheers to Britt for being always so kind and helping us.

Cheers to the entire Valley for their incredible community spirit and support for the Carnival at Windermere Elementary. Such a great vibe that day and so awesome to see so many families out enjoying each other’s company!

Cheers to Shannon’s Blinds for the good job on the motorized blinds in our living room.

Cheers & Jeers September 28th

A Huge Cheers to Julia Buttle for doing such a great job organizing the Windermere Fall Fair, Kayja Becker and her fantastic skills and imagination in the Kids Area, Invermere Public Library, Black Star, all our wonderful and helpful volunteers and vendors and to all the visitors who came out to help us have another great Fall Fair. See you next year!

Big Cheers to Julia Buttle and her crew for all the hard work to make a wonderful Windermere Fall Fair!!

Cheers to Victoria Page and the Purcell Mountain Painters for a lovely art show at the Windermere Fall Fair.

Cheers to the community of Invermere on their new hall. It’s a welcome asset to the community and will help support events in the valley for years to come. Cheers to all of those that came out to celebrate.

Cheers to the WES PAC and especially Bridget Atterbury for organizing an incredible carnival! It was well-run, a lot of fun and we hope it turns into an annual event for the Valley. Cheers to the Rockies too for volunteering their time to run the booths.

A big Cheers to H2 Productions for the screening of their delightful movies! Better than some Hollywood productions I have seen lately. Your hard work did not go unnoticed!

Cheers to the Radium Resort Golf Course for the amazing job they did with Kayla and Scott’s wedding. The Venue is a beautiful location for the wedding and all the staff went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of right down to the smallest details. The food was amazing and all of our guests were well taken care of.

Cheers to Kimberley Rae Photography & Framing for the unbelievable day spent creating the best memories for Kayla and Scott’s wedding. Kimberley you are amazing at making everybody so at ease and capturing the best of every moment, resulting in the most amazing photos and memories.

Cheers to Invermere Rotary and a special Cheers to Bruce McLaughlin for replacing our tree in the Rotary Garden in Columbia House. The new tree is being admired by all residents, family members and staff. We would also like to send a Cheers to Jack Steedman for his consultation, and to the Rotary for donating the lovely Maple tree.

Cheers to Tammy and staff at Mystic Hair Salon for taking such great care of Kayla and her wedding party’s hair and makeup. You made sure they all looked beautiful for her special day.

Cheers to Hopkins Harvest featuring The Hot Spot for the amazing job they did catering Kayla and Scott’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The food was amazing and the staff was the best as always and all of this at a very difficult time in your life – your dad would be proud. Much appreciated. Matt and staff you are the best.

Cheers to Fun Cakes by Diane for the great cupcakes and wedding cake for Kayla and Scott’s special day. The cupcakes were amazing and the display was gorgeous.

Cheers to RONA, we had been searching and searching for a special lock for our camping trailer, went to many RV places in Alberta and various hardware stores with no success! Until we visited RONA and there it was! Small town shopping ROCKS!

Cheers to Shannon and Doug of Shannon’s Blinds for awesome excellent house call service. We greatly appreciate it.

A great big Cheers to Valley Foods, Sobeys, A&W, Canadian Tire, The Station Neighbourhood Pub, Lambert Kipp Pharmacy, Columbia Valley Rockies, Sleeman’s Brewery, Best Western Invermere Inn, The Three Bears Gift Shop, Nite Frames, The Flemings, and Windermere Valley Golf Course for sponsoring The Royal Canadian Legion’s 2017 Fall Texas Scramble Golf Tournament. Cheers also to Adrian Sealy for taking pictures and monitoring the Hole in One competition.

Cheers & Jeers Pioneer September 21st

• Cheers to the lady with Parks for calling me an ambulance. Much appreciated. All is well and I learned a valuable lesson. It is special when people in the community look out for others.

• Cheers to the gentleman who paid for my groceries at AG Valley Foods on Thursday September 7th. Much appreciated!

• Cheers to James Morsette of Turf N Timber for your kindness and generosity. I am most grateful!

• Jeers… To the new Community Centre for the inadequate design of its wheelchair accessible washrooms. Not only are they incredibly small and hard to manoeuvre in, there is no family or separate washroom available when an opposite sex caregiver is required to assist. It makes for a very stressful outing.

• Cheers to Rachel for being an incredible co-worker. You will be missed.

• Big Cheers to the amazing communities that we live in. The amount of support, donations, texts, calls, thoughts and prayers we received during a difficult medical emergency has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated. An extra Big Cheers to Jolaine Undershute, Carole Timmerman, Kayla McLean, Sophie Timothy and Noreen Madden for going above and beyond with fundraisers. We are truly blessed. Words can’t express our appreciation for all of you and everything you’ve done!

• Cheers to Farmers’ Market organizers – Invermere community stalwarts Bill and Becky, and Fairmont’s 13-year-old genius, Ryan. They all combine wisdom, discretion, people skills and more to anchor superb summer-long celebrations of community richness.

• Cheers to Katherine, Nathan, and Conan for their quick response to the fire in Spillimacheen. You guys are awesome!

• Cheers to golfers who make the pilgrimage to St. Andrews, Scotland. Jeers to those who choose not to play when they are there.

• Big Cheers to Raylene Oram for all the hard work and endless hours of volunteering she puts into many groups in our valley!

• Super Cheers to the C U Wednesday Golf Group at Copper Point for their more than generous donation to the Columbia House Enhancement Society! Very much appreciated!

• Cheers and a tip of the golf sombrero to Larry Ballard who once again guided The Resort’s men’s club with cogency, verve and an evil drop of schadenfreude.

• Cheers to the person who Jeered the ones smoking pot during movie nights. It is especially harmful to children as it affects the brain. No one should have to put up with it if it is not their choice to breathe in the second-hand smoke.

• A Huge Cheers to everybody who gives me great compliments and comments. Makes me want to get out more and keep walking and living it up. Much appreciated!

• Jeers to the line “ The bear bites the dust”..It’s still a life.

• Jeers to people who do not clean up their apples and garbage and end up getting a bear put down. They would not show up if you kept things clean and did not tempt them.

BIG Cheers to all the volunteers, our Friends of Rotary, who helped us successfully fundraise at the Car Show! We couldn’t have done this without you! Your effort and time will help us with more projects for our community.

• Cheers to Bob and Heather for their amazing dedication to all soccer players of Invermere in hosting the Sunday Night Soccer Pick-Up games for all age groups! It was fantastic having U8 to U18s out there playing soccer together! That’s community.

• Jeers to the group surrounding a wood campfire on Thursday evening September 14th at Canyon Campground in Radium. There is still a FIRE ban on as far as I know.

• Jeers to the people who enter our local hot springs pools without showering first, a requirement that is clearly stated on numerous signs. This isn’t just about respect for others, it’s a hygiene and public health issue.

• Jeers to the lowlife who found my grey wallet outside of the post office, leaving it behind but not before helping yourself to ALL the cash inside. I work incredibly hard and countless hours for every dollar I earn. You should learn this principal of hard work. Karma WILL come back to bite you, and when it does, just remember you deserve it.

• Hip hip hurray Cheers to the fabulous folks at Ivy House and the Columbia Gardens for the excellent care of our Mom, Marg Nicholson, these past few years.

• Big Cheers shout out to Dr. Ross for her many years of wonderful care for our Mom, Marg Nicholson.


and Congratulations to Jami, Ben, the Board, Sponsors, Volunteers and of course all the Musicians for an amazing 5th Annual Invermere Music Fest. Looking forward to 2018’s.


to parents for letting their kids be kids. Most life lessons cannot be taught.


to the staff of Home Hardware at the end of July. Special mention to the gentleman in the cutting shop who created exactly what I needed from scrap lumber to install the trim kit for a replacement microwave oven in my trailer. Thanks also to the lady at the contractor’s desk, who went to the trouble of ensuring I received a senior’s discount. The staff at Home Hardware are why I keep going back.


Mega CHEERS to Brian and Family from Calgary who helped a hapless and desperate biker with a flat on Radium Hill. It was made extra special when they explained that they are on a mission to do 59 Good Deeds to celebrate the parents 59th Anniversary.


to Loree Duczek of RDEK for keeping us informed night and day of the fire situation in our area. Your tireless effort is very much appreciated.


just doesn’t come close to expressing our shock at the total destruction caused to the wetlands at Twins Lake dam. Some ignorant ATVers have made trails of oil slicks and lasting negative impact along the creek that leads to Botts Lake. So sad and so utterly Stupid. Shame on you for giving the rest of us quaders a bad reputation. Hope you get caught!


to the lovely people who returned my lost wallet to Circle Cafe for me, and Invermere library staff for calling me to let me know that it was safe…. very much appreciated your kindness, and it saved me a lot of bother.


to the Summit Trail Makers for clearing the avalanche debris on the Brewer Creek trail. Our valley is fortunate to have volunteers who care and enjoy the beautiful wilderness.


to a Sailworks 5.6 Hucker day on Lake Windermere! Cheers mom and dad for the early Christmas present!


Big Cheers to Erik McLaughlin of the Invermere Fire Department for providing the children with a foam day. They all really enjoyed the bubbles , it was a great day.


to the inconsiderate campers from out of town that feel it is their right to make every tree their own personal toilet. Also, the signs posted that motorized vehicles are prohibited and the fact that barricades have been erected should be simple enough to understand that motorized vehicles are not allowed. One would think anyway.


to Justin Atterbury and foreman Bruce for their open-gate, policy. So nice to have a helping hand.


to Lori at Sign Artists. You always take such good care of us library folk! You’re the best!


to Dustin for being the most amazing, loving, hard working father. You are so loved!


A great big huge Cheers to the Invermere Optometry Clinic for always being so accommodating. Always a pleasure coming in there. You guys rock.