Submitted by Artym Gallery

On Saturday, July 31, the Artym Gallery will present their “Oil and Stone Exhibition,” featuring artists, Cameron Bird & Vance Theoret. Bird and Theoret will be at the gallery from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and will host a painting and sculpting demonstration in the afternoon.

Bird’s artistic material of choice is oil. His works capture the wilderness of the Western Canadian landscape and all its creatures, clearly revealing his love for the outdoors. As an enthusiast of sketching on location, Bird’s paintings never disappoint. The boldness of his brush strokes and the surety of his movement both fascinates and captivates the viewer.

Theoret, on the other hand, carves stone. The whimsicality and friendliness of his bears is his trademark, and he has been a favourite at the Artym Gallery ever since they opened their doors. Theoret starts his demonstration with a block of raw stone which slowly transforms under his watchful eye, skillful hands, and array of tools, into a graceful and endearing bear.

Back by popular demand is the signature “Name the Bear” contest!  The person who comes up with the best name, wins an original bear sculpture.  Past winning titles have been “GRIZZard of Oz” and “Rock and Roll.”

For long-time collectors and brand-new fans alike, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists behind the masterpieces, and to check out their newest creations. The exhibition will continue until August 6, however, if you cannot make it to the Artym in person, the show is online at