Editors note: this is a poem submitted by Invermere resident Barb Thorson.

She had the most beautiful eyes, she said,

after a meeting of surprise

she had with a cat atop a pile of logs.

Her tail brushed me face as she flipped away,

said my friend

the most beautiful eyes.

Tell that to sad ones

who lost their precious pets, thought I.

But what about human predators?

And whats behind the cougars eyes?

Honest craftiness, leaping losses,

Beginners luck of the young?

Like me.

The huntress feeding her babes

with deadly intent.

Then perhaps lying dead

one winter day

In some hapless canyon, all starved away.

A scream filled the night

Not heard in the valley below,

But reached the ears of God

Who beheld the desperate glow

Of the beautiful eyes.

Barb Thorson