Dear Editor:

The Columbia River is a long one and the river flows in a valley a long one, from Canal Flats to Astoria, Oregon. It has always been the Columbia Valley: Smoking Water be damned.

Now if you want to be a little more specific, go ahead and call it the Upper Columbia Valley since it is the start or beginning of The Columbia River. Will that make anyone happier? I doubt it.

Also, youd better do a little more research regarding the Radium Lodge. The removal of the cabins (Addison and Blakleys) was the brainchild of one Sheila Copps, at that time Heritage Minister, as was the removal of the Banff airport.

Duncan McIntosh will turn over in his grave when they demolish his beautiful lodge. The one that is there now was built in 1962 and it used to be THE place to go to have a wedding or birthday party or go out to eat.

Sheep pasture my eye; the sheep are by the highway if you havent noticed.

Demolish the lodge what a crying shame.

Gunner Jorgenson