Dear Editor:

The trails around Lake Lillian (called the Johnson and Kloosifier trails respectively) are provincially designated trails approved by wildlife biologists, and have undergone archeological impact assessments, public outreach, and more. They are 100 percent legitimate and have benefited from hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteer hours from numerous user groups to get to the point where they are currently at.

Ditto for Mt. Swansea, which in 2013 was the site of a $100,000-plus project (all spent in the local economy) that improved trails and access there.

Add in the efforts of companies like the Panorama and Nipika Mountain Resorts and you will see that legitimate trail use and development is thriving in the Columbia Valley.

My hat is off to everyone dedicated to responsible and sustainable trail use and trips to the backcountry. It takes much longer and is more difficult to do things the right way, but it is well worth it. The lasting legacy of physical, social, and economic success that these networks will provide this and future generations is all the proof required.

Adrian Bergles

Radium Hot Springs