Dear Editor:

Re: Historical Lens request in the November 25th edition for more information on the Laird home (Photo C957).


In 2002, my husband Roger Madson and I purchased the Lake Lillian property with the derelict Laird home still standing (previous owner was Peter Kelly).

In addition, we found a stone boat used to clear the rocky fields, a homemade rowboat (the Lairds used to take people out on the lake), a few interesting bottles in the dump and caught several pack rats on site.

The house was recently dismantled. Remnants of sheep fencing were removed from the trees and we continue to improve the pasture.

Molly Laird had moved to Burns Lake at the time of purchase and later died there.

In the spring, we enjoy the lilac hedge that surrounded the old homestead.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Richardson

Toby Benches