Letter to the editor

The following poem offers a hope-filled perspective on mental health as we prepare to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The poem has been accepted into the Spotlight on Mental Health Art Showcase in Waterloo, ON.

Pilot Light

inside the cage of my ribs is a tiny flicker

of something small

that intends to be bigger

a soft yellow glow 

dims, but does not snuff out roars and stumbles

feeds and is fed

trapped in its cage,

the only home it knows happy to be


by the bones

I think it to death

I sense it to murmur

a subtle pop of smoke a wafting of fear

then my eyes watch a snowflake


glitter at the concert millions of mirrors

my favourite song blares

the snow flurries, buries melts,

revealing something else

every single living thing ends

my song fading


the snowflake watches me, now


the same, but different, tiny flicker

of light

Emma Flemington, Fairmont Hot Springs