Dear Editor:

Andy is dead. On Friday (May 28th) night, she went for her usual 11 p.m. walk with her owner. They were just past the Wilmer Hall when a small car came tearing up Well Street, rounded the corner and accelerated toward Konrad Cain Park. Her owner waved and yelled for the driver to slow down. Somewhere behind him, Andy was snuffling her way along the road. The car continued to speed around the next corner onto Horsethief Road. When Andy did not appear, her owner walked back and found her dead.

For twelve years, Andy was the much loved pet and constant companion to her master who is devastated by her loss. Her many friends already miss seeing her trotting beside her master, head held high, butterfly ears cupped forward, and fluffy tail waving in the breeze. She looked more like a mythical creature than a dog.

Wilmer residents will not be surprised to read about the manner of Andys death. Our only fear is that next time we will read how one of us or one of our beloved children has been found dead on the road. When you drive through Wilmer on your way to Lake Enid or Westside Road, please slow down people, children and pets live here!

Jill Bell