Dear Editor:

Here is a recipe for Green Baloney:

2 cups carbon tax

2 cups environmental study grants

1 cup Gaia

1 cup Delgamuukw

6 renewable energy projects (must be unfinished or bankrupt)

Fold in 1 part Apocalypse, 1 part Moral Vacuum and 1 part Catastrophe

Sprinkle with students graduating in Save the Planet

Add equal parts Climate model and Hollywood model

Mix well then cram down taxpayers throat

Tip: C02 is a rare, tasteless, odourless plant food, but will add fluffiness to any green baloney recipe.

Also, you can add 1 large slice of David Suzuki baloney. Sometimes adding another pure baloney will enhance your green baloneys flavour. This baloney is subsidized by the CBC, so go easy, its pricey! Enjoy!

Yours truly,

Monroe Hunsicker

Dry Gulch