Dear Editor:

Cars and trucks are licensed as vehicles, for road use, and should never drive or park in bicycle lanes or in spaces for vehicles with a wheelchair symbol; the owner must not be in the vehicle whilst a driver is shopping.

Bicycles are not licensed, but are also recognized legally as vehicles and for road use except tricycles for small children. They should never be ridden on sidewalks; only on road or cycle lanes.

Helmets should be worn by children and adults at all times, and children should be taught these rules. If parents do not consider a roadway safe for their child, they should be taught to ride only in safe places NOT on sidewalks, where bicycle riders become a hazard to pedestrians.

Mobility scooters are recognized legally as pedestrians. Helmets are rarely worn; scooters are not licensed and are driven as if the driver is a pedestrian.

All drivers should behave with courtesy toward all other road and sidewalk users.

Shirley Campbell