Dear Editor:

This Columbia Valley resident finds himself in Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates) this week. The hot topics here include the 52,324 tickets (each carrying a $150 fine) which were issued to motorists who failed to buckle up, the General Department of Traffic in Dubais seizure of 155 vehicles that were found to have aeroplane fuel and hi-tech computers on board (they must have a need for speed); and, my favourite, the 40 Emiratis of five tribes who entered wedlock (getting a bulk discount on the licence fee). Not making the news here: Jumbo Wild, errant deer behaviour, Dick Tater and the latest exploits of the Tuesday night Phat Boyz. All things considered, the valley is a pretty nice place to live, even if we are unable to fill our trucks at the airport with Jet A.

Ian Robbins

Fairmont Hot Springs