Dear Editor:

Toba Beta said that misinformation is tricking and judging from Norm Macdonalds MLA Report regarding the provinces 2003 Significant Projects Streamlining Act (SPSA), it would seem that he was trying his best to do some constituent tricking. His claim: your government had removed the ability for local governments to be participants in local decision making by passing Acts like the SPSA. Frankly, this is a lie!

The Significant Projects Streamlining Act was passed to remove unnecessary and costly delays from the review process for projects deemed to be of significant provincial importance delays created by the NDP in the 1990s. Under the NDP, B.C. had garnered a reputation as having one of the most difficult and lengthy approval processes for major projects in North America. In order to compete successfully with other jurisdictions the government had to improve review processes for significant projects.

The Act provided a clear signal to potential investors that B.C. had a framework to ensure projects were dealt with in a timely, responsible and disciplined way.

The Act allowed cabinet to assign special status to a project deemed to be important to the economic, social or environmental well-being of B.C. That said, the Act has never been used.

The SPSA was designed to respect the autonomy of local government with a provincial governments commitment to cut red tape and revitalize an economy that had been ravaged by the NDP.

Then-Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, then-Mayor of Prince George Colin Kinsley and president and CEO of the Business Council of British Columbia, Jerry Lambert, all supported the SPSA. All three felt that the Act enabled governments to work together while being held accountable for delivering decisions in a timely manner.

Doug Clovechok

BC Liberal Candidate for

Columbia River-Revelstoke riding