Dear Editor:

Rudeness comes in many forms, and most of us generally try to ignore it. That may be part of the problem, but it feels like a healthier approach than flaring up over everything.

Nonetheless, here is an overdue message to local dog owners. You and your canine arent the only animals on the planet; please show some courtesy and respect for others around you. For every responsible dog owner out there, it seems there are three who could care less about others.

For starters: NO DOGS ON THE BEACH. This includes all the grassy areas, too.

The yip and yap of mostly small dogs gets on everyones nerves (train them). Use short leashes when youre around other people.

And, lastly, your pet would be happier and healthier sitting in the shade at home with fresh food and water, than being dragged around downtown in the 100-plus heat.

Please be responsible.


Mark Topliff