By Julia Magsombol 

Local Journalism Initiative 

[email protected]

The devastating fire that occurred in the North Shuswap last year is still a shock to many people, including BTR Landscaping Ltd.

“I am still shaken every time I drive through the North Shuswap and see the extent of the damage due to the fire that hit. This event wiped out more than just trees and homes,” said Brenden Roy, company owner and CEO.

Roy explained that he visited the North Shuswap weeks ago and saw the damage that the firestorm brought to the families and the homes they used to live in. He was left reeling to see how the North Shuswap changed. 

“All the beautiful green trees in the forest that were stacked and lush were there and burnt and black. Every house, almost felt like they were just burned to the ground. And it was like a horror movie, to be honest,” Roy said. 

A bolt of lightning started above the west side of Adams Lake. Due to a windstorm, it exploded, causing a huge fire.  

Fortunately, local firefighters were able to curtail the fire at the time and stopped it from destroying homes and cabins along the lake. However, the winds pushed the fire to spell certain disaster. However, in September, the fire stopped expanding and the evacuation order was lifted. 

As the new year ended, so did the fire, but the aftermath didn’t. 

There were 226 homes and businesses that were damaged or destroyed. An additional 85 homes and businesses were destroyed in Squilax. 

“The fire took out livelihoods, memories, family heirlooms, years of hard work, and dedication,” said Roy. 

When he recently visited the North Shuswap he met with the locals and talked with the homeowners who were affected. He shared how they opened his eyes. 

“Meeting the locals and hearing a few of the homeowners’ stories truly gives a man a reason to be thankful for the little things in life,” Roy said. 

Members of the North Shuswap Chamber of Commerce commented that people must take some time to appreciate the efforts of each other through these unprecedented times.

“If we all work together, one day at a time, we can help restore the area, the homes, and maybe even a few good memories if we’re lucky,” Roy said. 

He noted that the Chamber and Shuswap construction industry professionals are willing to offer any services for those in need. 

If anyone is interested in helping the residents, visit