Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Toni Bokeschs letter in the March 8th edition of The Pioneer regarding Alberta drivers apparently having something wrong with their driving abilities. This letter truly gets my goat (no pun intended, Radium).

In order to get a licence in Alberta, one basically must do what everyone else in Canada does. I am not aware of any IQ test that needs to be taken, but I do know that our foot size does not factor into how smart we are. In fact, I would surmise that our feet in Alberta are much like all other peoples feet in all provinces.

We are Canadian, which means we have a diverse culture in all provinces, and we should work together. I have a home in this beautiful valley, I pay taxes to have a home here, and I support the community.

I will keep coming to beautiful B.C., I will drive safe, and I will see you on the highway!

Ralph Barrie

Windermere and Alberta