Dear Editor:

Firstly, I commend the paper for printing Jamie Fishers letter criticizing your perceived political bias, although the 200-word-plus Editors Note bespokes thou doesnt protest too much!

I dont really notice a political bias, but that may be as I hold the same views (left wing).

I do, however, see a huge anti-Jumbo bias, as do all my friends who own businesses, create jobs and want Invermere to prosper after the 20 or so recent business closures.

A prime example is the past issue where the ONLY decision in 12 years that could be conceived to be against the proponent was given such HUGE coverage (even a picture of three couples all with pensions celebrating) the decision.

Not much mention of the countless decisions and judgments the proponent has had over the dozen or so years.

Yours truly,

John Nairn


A shorter editors note: The photo of the three Jumbo Wild supporters appeared in The Echo, which is currently running a series of columns by BC Liberal regional director Doug Clovechok on the merits of the provincial governments Promises Made, Promises Kept platform. See page A7 for this weeks instalment.