Columbia Valley Pioneer Staff

As of the BC Wildfire Service’s last report on Friday, Aug. 25, all fires within the Horsethief Creek Complex have stabilized with all evacuation alerts and orders being rescinded. 

According to BCWS, the Horsethief Creek wildfire hasn’t grown beyond its mapped size of 3,918.5 hectares.

In the coming days and weeks, firefighters and other personnel will continue to work on the fires, securing containment, mopping up, patrolling and monitoring. Area restrictions are still in effect in the vicinity of the Horsethief Creek and Mia Creek wildfires. Crews, heavy equipment and aircraft are still working in the area.  

Even when an area restriction is not in effect, the public must stay out of active fire areas. Public interference in firefighting operations is dangerous and impedes crews’ ability to work efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Please respect the area restrictions that are in place and give the BC Wildfire Service and other response personnel the space they need to suppress these fires as safely and quickly as possible. 

For information on restricted areas, including maps, visit

For information in the coming days, please contact the Southeast Fire Centre Information Officer at [email protected] or 250-318-7715.

Drone scans are ongoing to identify areas where heat remains so crews can extinguish them. 

Resources across the Horsethief Complex are downsizing where they are no longer required. Guards to protect priority areas have been established and tested.