Ryan and Keira Neal made the trek from Fairmont to Juniper Heights to build themselves a snow family.

A group of volunteers from the Columbia Valley Hut Society take part in a work bee at McMurdo Cabin. Left to right: Byron Leinor, Doug Charlton, Ben Weigert, Chris Weigert, Tony Gibson and Alison Bell.

Nick Veres, Judy Peacock, Trudy Veres and Mike Peacock of Radium at Zephyr Bay in Lake Tahoe with their Lake Tahoe friends Jeff (back row) and Gabe Turner (holding the Pioneer).

James and Dexter Morsette, Leslie and Daryl Goldsmith and Tanya and Ryan Smith at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Galen and Sherry Kazakoff camp at Flathead Lake, Montana.