By Breanne Massey

Pioneer Staff

I artfully packed up my car with the clutter of daily necessities books, clothes, notepads, a camera and a computer, sports equipment, appliances for the kitchen and an obscene amount of shoes.

Then, I smiled instinctively about the 11 hour and 20 minute journey from Fort QuAppelle, SK to Invermere, B.C. to start working at the newspaper.

Breanne Massey

Breanne Massey

The nomadic lifestyle of being a reporter pleases me greatly and I settled into the drivers seat, ready to open the next chapter of my career.

My soul was immediately happy as soon as the sight of the blue mountains pierced through the sky while I watched eagerly out the car windows, but my stomach was not I was almost carsick on the drive down. Instead of pulling over to yack, I focused on the fact that the brightly coloured green trees were quickly sprinting past my Santa Fe.

It had been a two-and-a-half-long year wait to return to my home province and this was my payback for being away so long. Im actually a Kamloops native.

The familiar sight of the Columbia Valley surfaced shortly after and I breathed a sigh of relief at moving slightly closer to home.

As the mild winter months give way to summer, I will fondly remember the start of the season as a new beginning in Invermere.

But I have learned three important lessons since my arrival: the community of Invermere is a hidden gem of B.C. with plenty of compassionate, hardworking and interesting people; the community is proud of the great services and programs that are available to many of the residents; and the newspaper is constantly looking for quality stories about people and events from all over the East Kootenay region.

I will be out and about in the community looking for news with this being my first week on the job, so please dont hesitate to contact me with story ideas or stop by the office to say hi.

You can contact me at 250-341-6299 or email and