Editors note: the following letter is a satire written by Edgewater resident Norm Funnell, and has not actually been sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dear Stephen,

Just a quick note to commend you on your masterfully named Fair Elections Act, an act which you and I know is anything but fair. Brilliant! Your ability to convince the general population that you are protecting and improving democracy while in fact slowly destroying it warms my heart. We know there is virtually no voter fraud in this country. But with repetition, the lie is the truth. Well done!

Your move to ban Elections Canada from promoting programs aimed at getting young people to vote was nothing short of genius. No more Student Vote in the schools. Good move! After all, why do we need more informed voters?

Removing the Commissioner of Elections, who investigates election fraud and abuse, from reporting to the independent Elections Canada and having him report to your partisan Minister of Justice is an excellent move by you to erode democracy in Canada. Stephen, you always understood its all about control.

Banning vouching of unregistered voters was another excellent move. Why should the lower economic level proletariat have a voice in controlling the countrys future? Not to worry that this in violation of the Charter of Rights. It will be long past the next election before the courts can strike it down. You have clearly learned the lessons from 1984 and Animal Farm very well. Ah yes, while all political parties are equal, one (the one lead by you of course!) is definitely more equal than others.

Steven, you have raised doublespeak to new heights. I am extremely proud of you. One final suggestion: Have you considered setting up a Ministry of Truth?

Your mentor,

George Orwell