Submitted by Artym Gallery

The Artym Gallery is very pleased to present their most anticipated exhibition of the year – a solo exhibition of Angela Morgan, with the popular painter in attendance. The show opens this Saturday, July 17 at 10 a.m. with Angela in attendance from 11-3 p.m. 

The work of Angela Morgan has always been distinctive – she has been creating whimsical and delightful original paintings for over a few decades, and in that time has made quite an impression all over the world! With galleries all over North America and even a few in Europe, it is pretty fantastic that her largest annual show continues to be in Invermere BC at the Artym Gallery. This exhibition will feature over 30 new paintings from Angela Morgan, and this year will also include quite a few really big paintings too!

Angela Morgan unapologetically puts parts of herself in each painting she creates – whether it is a pair of fabulous shoes, ladies in the garden sipping martinis, or kids exploring the imaginary worlds around themselves. She draws on the joy and discovery and downright quirkiness found in the everyday and not only captures it, but makes it special. 

Angela usually does painting demos at her show, but this year is different!!

“Instead of painting I thought it may be fun to have a more interactive demo. I love pen and ink drawings and do hundreds of them a year in my sketchbooks. It is often a way to work out an idea for a painting by doing these line drawings first. They are very loose and energetically drawn. I would be thrilled to work with some “live subjects” and produce individual drawings for our customers and fans. The nature of my work is quite gestural and these drawings capture that beginning essence of what eventually makes it onto the canvas. A short few minutes modelling session would be all I need while I have a visit with the participant. (There’s no need to stand still or take it too seriously!) Produced on archival paper and ink these are like little gifts – as they could be framed and a lovely memento of these fabulous Saturdays in July in the valley.”  Angela Morgan

Please join us this Saturday, see the show, get a sketch done!  The exhibition is on until July 23.   The exhibition is also online at