Dear Editor:

The Invermere MusicFests fourth annual outdoor festival was another huge success this year (August 19th to 21st) due to the perfect combination of music and people. How about that Reggae Dance Party on Friday night, the perfect weather, stunning scenery of beach, lake and mountains, good food and refreshments, friends to dance with and a groovy, dreamy live-music vibe? This was definitely another SuccessFest for the Invermere MusicFest! The local support both financially and in-kind showed that the Columbia Valley really believes in this festival. So please keep this event in your plans for next year so we can continue to make this festival a draw for locals and visitors to our valley.

There are so many people and businesses to thank, please check out our website for a full list ( In particular is the energetic and enthusiastic Committee that donated their time to planning this three-day event.

We also relied on a large group of volunteers who spent hours working on day-of tasks that require all-hands-on-deck for an event of this size. Everyone worked hard, played hard and danced hard!

So thanks to all those involved in the 2016 Invermere MusicFest. If you are interested in joining the Committee or volunteering for the festival, please give us a call (250-342-4423). See you next year!

Invermere MusicFest-SuccessFest Committee