By James Rose

Special to The Pioneer

The new Columbia Valley App (CVApp) is the newest mobile app to showcase all valley community businesses, services and events offered from Spillimacheen to Canal Flats. The app is locally managed by Jolene Hoadley and will be available for free download by the end of December.

The CVApp is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, said Ms. Hoadley.

Its purpose is to be mobile friendly so you can use it on the go and be an inclusive listing for all businesses and events so the user has only one stop to get all of the information they want, she said, adding this is the easiest, most used current technology.

The idea for the app came out of Ms. Hoadleys personal experience when moving to the valley this summer.

I saw a need while I worked at the Visitor Centre out of Fairmont Hot Springs and Radium Hot Springs. We worked very hard to always have the most updated information for our visitors but there wasnt one place that we could find everything.

Ms. Hoadley found that some businesses shared information while others didnt.

I spent a lot of time on different websites and looking through multiple publications and magazines. In addition, as a newcomer myself I found it cumbersome to find what I was looking for and keep up on events that were happening in the community. The Columbia Valley App is a great tool for the visitor centre counsellors, locals, visitors and part-time residents.

And a deal is in store for businesses that list quickly.

Only a fraction of the cost of the lowest price yearly marketing campaign and get five months free when you register before the end of January 2017, said Ms. Hoadley. And how will a business listing work on the app? The app has five main categories and numerous sub-categories. A business listing can provide basic to advanced information based on the level it chooses, said Ms. Hoadley. Managers can even choose to always be at the top of your category.

For the app to be successful, Ms. Hoadley believes that it requires the community to have an open mind and know that her only intentions are to include everyone.

Healthy competition is a good thing and there is enough work for all of us. We can all succeed together, she said.

My goal is to have an inclusive listing of all businesses in the Columbia Valley. And I mean all. I have no affiliations or partnerships with any group and no agenda other than to ensure that every business in the valley has an opportunity to be listed and has an equal opportunity to promote their business or service no matter the size. I would certainly consider expanding into other communities with a separate app.

For more information visit Contact Ms. Hoadley at 403-431-1314 to set up a demonstration of the app and its benefits to your business.