Dear Editor:

An excellent editorial re: the common driving problem of following too close or tailgating (August 19th Pioneer).

There is an easy method to ensure that you are not tailgating, known as the Two Second Rule. This rule does not require any math skills, and is easy to follow. This rule is taught by many driving instructors.

To apply this rule, while following the vehicle ahead, note when the vehicle ahead of you passes a pole, or a white road marker, then slowly count two seconds. If your vehicle reaches this same spot earlier than two seconds, you are probably tailgating.

This method works at any speed and, if followed, gives you probably enough time to brake safely in an emergency.

Large trucks and vehicles towing large RVs should follow the Four Second Rule, since these vehicles, due to their large weight, take longer to stop than an automobile. The Four Second Rule (or longer) should also be followed in snowy or icy road conditions.

If more drivers followed these easy-to-apply rules, there would probably be fewer accidents on our highways.

Thanks again Nicole for your editorial.

Robert Doig

Calgary/Radium Hot Springs