Area F director Wendy Booth chaired her last town hall meeting on Wednesday, August 29th. Ms. Booth is not running for the director position in the upcoming fall elections because she is seeking the federal Conservative nomination for the Kootenay-Columbia riding.

“I’ve really enjoyed being your Area Director for the past 10 years,” she told the group of approximately 30 people who were in attendance.

Volunteer of the year

Ms. Booth recognized Kayja Becker as the Area F Volunteer Of The Year and commended her for her “kindness, spirit and passionate volunteerism.”

Ms. Becker’s contributions include running the children’s section of the Fall Fair, being the president of ICAN and helping with the Community Foundation Board. She has also assisted with a variety of events.

“From her passion for children, to her passion for animals, Kayja’s giving heart knows no bounds,” Ms. Booth said before presenting Ms. Becker with a gift of appreciation.

“Our communities depend on volunteers,” Ms. Booth said.

Windermere highway access

Ms. Booth supported a petition from Winderberry to improve access into Windermere from the highway. The Ministry of Transportation is assessing the area and had cameras up over the weekend of August 25th to evaluate the number of vehicles, driving patterns and more. Ms. Booth said the analysis will take some time and that she expects to hand the file over to the new director.

Recreational cannabis

Retail cannabis shops will only be permitted in British Columbia if the local council or board approves. To date Ms. Booth said she hasn’t received any serious inquiries about opening a shop in the electoral area.

Garbage, recycling and household waste

In July RDEK held a waste audit where they sorted over 100 garbage samples into 100 categories. They expect to receive a report in September with the results and recommendations for waste materials that could be diverted from the landfill.

RDEK is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan and will offer opportunities for residents to provide feedback in the coming months. They anticipate having a draft document prepared in the spring or summer of 2019.

“Stay tuned,” Ms. Booth said. “There will be lots of opportunity for discussion.”

Windermere water

RDEK expects that the Windermere water treatment property agreement will be finalized by the end of September. RDEK will hold a barbecue for the community on Monday, October 1st to acknowledge the purchase completion.

Lake Windermere Official Community Plan

Consultation to begin developing the new Lake Windermere Official Community Plan began in the spring of 2017. RDEK expects to bring the draft plan forward to the public for review in the winter. Residents will be encouraged to provide their feedback on the draft.