Dear Editor:

As you are the editor of a community newspaper which overall has done a pretty good job of reporting community news and keeping a pulse on ongoing community issues, I was surprised that it took an article in a national newspaper to invoke your interest in one of the most controversial issues in recent Columbia Valley history.

I would also point out that because the RDEK abdicated its responsibility for a public hearing and a decision on permitting the rezoning of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort lands in 2009, we, the people of the Columbia Valley will not be involved in making any decision on Jumbo, let alone an informed one that you ask for. The decision which was ours to make, will now be made in Victoria by the Minister of Natural Resource Operations.

To its credit this ministry has clearly stated that because of the Michael Proctors work on Grizzlies and the Ktunaxa Qatmuk Declaration, the decision on Jumbo will be delayed. The importance of Michael Proctors work with contributions from every senior bear biologist in North America is that it states that the grizzly is not doing very well in the Southern Interior and that if Jumbo Glacier Resort proceeds the grizzly bear will likely be extirpated from the Purcells.

The importance of the Ktunaxa nation is obvious given their indigenous history and that they are the First Nation in treaty negotiation in the East Kootenays.

Having read a lot of biased articles on both sides of the issue over the years, I was pleased to read Mr Kirkbys comprehensive discussion of the history of the controversy and the overall significance of this pending land use decision.

Gerry Wilkie