By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Arrowhead staff member Alex Naubert adds the coffee kick to the batch.Submitted photo

Arrowhead staff member Alex Naubert adds the coffee kick to the batch.Submitted photo

To keep their lineup of products fresh, Invermeres Arrowhead Brewing adds seasonal brews to compliment special occasions, and with the holiday season almost here, the brewmaster has once again put together a Christmas

Coffee Porter.

Its just bursting with flavour, said owner and brewmaster Shawn Tegart. People generally tend to drink darker beers in the winter the fruitiness goes really well after dinner and with dessert.

He said the porter recipe is loosely based off Arrowheads Blackjack Irish stout, but is

much stronger.

It has more malt, and it has a lot of really deep chocolatey flavours, he said.

The 1,000-litre batch required seven pounds of coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee, and while the brew offers the fresh smell of coffee, the caffeine content is negligible, Mr. Tegart said.

The beer will be returning for its second year, and is expected to last longer this time. Restrictions were in place last year, but with a greater supply nearly ready for this year, Arrowhead will make the Christmas Coffee Porter available through refills of the growler (a two-litre glass bottle). Last year, Arrowhead sold the special ale in new growlers only.

The seasonal brew will be available by Monday, December 16th at Arrowhead, and will cost $18 for a full growler. Its their most expensive beverage on tap, but Mr. Tegart said it provides the greatest value.

It needs more than twice the ingredients than the Blackjack, and (takes) more than twice as long to brew, because theres something about that process Ive found that makes it incredibly smooth for being a 7.9 per cent alcohol beer, he said.