By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Valley-made fine paintings are on their way to London, England for the artists first international showing.

Chloe Marson is the artist in residence at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, and earlier this year, her abstract style was noticed by a scout from the Brick Lane Gallery in London, England.

An international stage and presence is vital as an artist, she said. You have the potential to reach a broader client base, but whatever the intention of your work is, you still want to reach them; get inside them and help them.

While having her work invited to be showcased through a platform in England is a massive milestone, the opportunity brought about a significant challenge as funding for both shipping and a hanging fee would total nearly $2,700. To raise the money or at least a portion of it Chloe started a crowdfunding campaign on, seeking out a goal of $2,450. And in under a month, 23 donors helped her make it happen, surpassing her target by over $100.

I had no idea that the people that I loved believed in my creative voice and what Im bringing to the world, she said. Not only has it been materially supportive, its been emotionally fortifying; spiritually fortifying with the outpouring of support and encouragement.

With the logistics sorted out, the Brick Lane Gallery will be displaying three pieces of Chloes locally-produced work Primal, Distractions, and Escaping the City all of which were painted with oil on a wooden medium.

The Brick Lane is a modern contemporary gallery I dont know for certain why they scouted me, but the work that they saw was raw, dynamic, and it forces the viewer to be present to take it all in, said Chloe.

As the artist in residence at Pynelogs, and the former summer curator at the gallery, Chloe was able to develop her talent immensely in the valley.

I wouldnt have had the inspiration or impetus to further myself this way with such intensity and focus, she said. Without having an isolated space to create, theres no way Id have been able to focus on not only the painting part of artistry, but the business side of it.

And her work strongly benefited from its environment having grown up in Toronto, Invermere offered Chloe some needed serenity, and surrounded her with mesmerizing landscapes. Her art will be exhibited at the Brick Lane between May 12th to the 26th. To see what shell have on display in London and to check out more of her work, visit her webpage at, or like her Faceook page, Chloe Danielle Marson. For those who wont be able to make it to Chloes European show, check out her exhibit at Pynelogs from July 7th to the 19th. And its not hard to meet Chloe in person just drop into Pynelogs any Wednesday or Thursday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. during open studio hours.