Submitted by the Artym Gallery

The Artym Gallery is pleased to present their “Oil and Stone Exhibition” featuring artists David Langevin and Vance Theoret, beginning Saturday, Apr. 16. Many new paintings and sculptures have arrived for this show!  

David Langevin’s acrylic “Treescapes” on panel, and original landscapes have garnered him recognition and appreciation across the art community.  His compositional elements of contrast, light and colour combine to highlight his brilliant sense of design and drama.  Please drop by the gallery to see the new work by David featuring trees, rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow.

Vance Theoret’s carved stone bears possess individuality and personality – the playfulness of his bears is his trademark.  He has been a favourite at the Artym Gallery ever since they opened their doors. His ability to carve a block of raw stone, under his skillful hands and tools, into a graceful and endearing bear is a treat to witness.  

Vance will be at the gallery for the opening from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Apr. 16 doing a sculpting demonstration.  We are once again holding the “Name the Bear” contest!  The best name entered in the gallery on Apr. 16 wins an original bear sculpture.  In the past, some winning titles have been…”GRIZZard of Oz” and “Rock and Roll”.  

For collectors of their work or first-timers, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artist behind the original pieces, and to check out the newest creations. The exhibition will continue until Apr. 22, and if you can’t make it to the Artym, the show is online at