Dear Editor:

Today, the line stretched all the way back to AG Foods. Come on people, you know what I am talking about. In an age when people can fly small aircraft to film skiers descending Mount Nelson, why is it we can’t figure out how to manage a simple bridge repair without creating 20-30 minute delays on both sides.

I can hear people: “chill dude, like your life will change if it takes you an extra 20 minutes“. Well, maybe – for some – an extra 20 minutes could be a matter of life and death. Not good.

Solutions worth considering likely would include: add lighting and pay the crew as required to work night shifts only; pay someone to sit at the site and manage the lights manually; ensure there are sufficient distances between the stop lines and the bridge to facilitate red lights in both directions in the event of an emergency; add a crew so that the work can be completed in half the time.

We can do better…

Jamie Fisher, Windermere