Lake Windermere Ambassadors

Beneath the Surface: How do fish survive under ice?

It may surprise you to know the answer lies in aquatic plants; the same ones that may be a nuisance to some of our lake activities.

Beneath the Surface: Lake foam — is it natural?

This fall, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors received inquiries from the public regarding foam on the shorelines of the lake.

Fueling the fun: Boat care best practices

Here are a few green boating tips for the coming summer.

Beneath the Surface: More to spring runoff than meets the eye

spring runoff is a very important event in the natural world.

Beneath The Surface: Can a rodent restore a river?

The history of the North American beaver (Castor Canadensis) as a national symbol of Canada is both fascinating and contentious.

Beneath The Surface: A balmy February

changes in climate invariably lead to changes in water,what a balmy February might mean for Lake Windermere

Time to get freezin’

Are you starting to dream of ice skating on Lake Windermere?

Meet the Burbot  (lota lota) – A Winter Fish

Burbot (also referred to as ling cod) were historically an ecologically important top predator in Lake Windermere.

Help Keep the Ice Clean This Winter

Neither tourists nor locals are going to want to see waste on the lake this winter

Lake Windermere cloudier in 2012, but water quality still good

Have you been wondering about the quality of our lake water? The results are now in!

Water expert weighs in on local water debate

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors recently hosted an event to tap into local knowledge and build greater awareness of watershed issues.