Dear Editor:

With regard to Mr. Christys letter of September 30th, 2011, I would like to bring forward the following information:

Mr. Christy mentions that the Lake Windermere Ambassadors are autonomous. The definition of autonomous is self-governing or undertaken or carried on without outside control. As mentioned the Lake Windermere Ambassadors have signed an agency agreement (provided to me by the Ambassadors) in which it is stated that Wildsight Shall have and maintain full and complete direction, control and supervision over the application of all the charitys funds.

In this case funds refers to $65,990.14 of the total $105,700.14 of grant revenue and donations (mostly grants) that the Lake Windermere Ambassadors received from October 1st, 2010 to August 16th, 2011 that were channeled through Wildsight in order for tax receipts to be issued to donors.

It should be noted that for providing this service, Wildsight received 10 per cent, or $6599.01.

For this Wildsight provided the following administrative services to the Ambassadors: Bookkeeping, payroll management, financial reporting to funders, annual audit, advice on society matters, administration of EI, CPP, taxes (for employees such as summer student), and WCB (for contractors), support for grant proposals, development of budgets, fulfillment of financial obligations, strategic advice, program development and networking opportunities, training and professional development.

This information is contained in the Operational Relationship between Lake Windermere Ambassadors and Wildsight. I provide this public information and allow the good readers of The Pioneer to draw their own conclusions as to whether the Lake Windermere Ambassadors are functioning autonomously or not.

I also refer you to a note in the August 2011 Update of the East Kootenay Conservation Program online at, which refers to Wildsights Lake Ambassador Program, although this has probably since been removed.

Many have expressed concerns about the Lake Windermere Management Committees lack of broad representation and possible bias in one particular direction. I believe Mr. Hoar alluded to the perfect solution in his letter to the editor of September 30th, 2011: select a new committee with people representing ALL stakeholders.

Cheryl Willard, Lake Windermere Watersports Association