A documentary that argues everyone can become much happier has been reaping accolades and raking in awards at prestigious film festivals around the globe. HAPPY, the movie, has now become a movement unto itself, and the Columbia Valley Community Foundation is screening the feature-length film at David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS) in Invermere as part of its campaign to draw public awareness to the foundation’s cause.

Just as HAPPY has been inspiring audiences to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives, the Columbia Valley Community Foundation is aiming to do the same by raising funds and distributing grants to projects that will help strengthen the communities it services and increase the overall happiness and health of valley residents.

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation’s screening of HAPPY is set for Friday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the school’s theatre. Admission is by donation. For more information on the foundation, visit their website at www.valleyfoundation.ca.