Dear Editor:

Thank you to Gerry Taft for his service to this community and for his stated goal of taking the valleys concerns to Victoria. Nonetheless, I think we need to remember that our community is also part of a wider province and a greater country.

Yes, our tourism and forestry industries are important locally and across the province. There are other communities and industries, all of equal importance. The province of British Columbia is a beautiful and vastly diversified place. Energy, mining, agricultural and hydro-electric projects flourish all across B.C., providing jobs and tax revenues. Those communities, too, have needs for accommodation, schools and healthcare. Northeastern British Columbia is a major natural gas producing area, which needs LNG projects and product access to the coast.

Our province is also a part of Canada and it would surely be self-centred, subject to proper regulation, not to allow passage of goods through our ports. Hopefully we can all strive together for a better community, province and country.

Walter Benstead