Dear Editor:

In response to last weeks letter to the editor by Jim Galloway, I would say the residents of B.C. woke up 16 years ago. The author seems critical of the corporate support to the BC Liberals but failed to mention the financial support (for the NDP) from the (United) Steelworkers union – the largest in B.C. history along with paying the salaries of NDP staffers; an oversight on the authors part, no doubt.

Corporate or union support to a party, personally is of no concern to me – large sponsors, like individuals, are going to support the party that, in their opinion, better lines up with their values and concerns. The Steelworkers align with the NDP, the corporate world, as the author states, lines up the BC Liberals.

I continue to have confidence in the residents of B.C. Should I wake up on May 10th with an NDP government, like the author, I will question the residents of B.C.! But I have faith. There is hope for the NDP as there will be a generation of voters coming down the pipeline that have not lived through an NDP government. I encourage you to keep the faith also!

My concluding paragraph is somewhat identical to the authors – The residents of Columbia River-Revelstoke should wake up. If we keep doing what we have been doing, then well keep getting what we have been getting. I prefer to have an MLA sitting at the table rather than standing on the protest line.

Marko Shehovac,

Golden/Radium Hot Springs

P.S. – Seems like retirement has given me the time to respond to editorials. I trust this will be infrequent because fishing is still the number one priority.