Back deck privacy

Shelley McKersie spoke on behalf of a handful of owners in Fieldstone Glen strata who came to council with her to share their concerns with Highland Crossing Development’s request to develop an access road off 14A Crescent and accommodate 15 more multi-family units.

“This proposed road and sidewalk is directly on the property line and comes within 20 feet of our back decks, leaving no room for any kind of a buffer zone. We feel this will greatly impede our privacy,” she said.

Ms. McKersie invited council to come and see “how extremely invasive this access road is to our senior complex.”

Mayor Al Miller thanked her for her feedback but council did not speak to her concerns. Councillor Gerry Taft said the proposed development will come back to council for a decision at the December 10th council meeting.

Rezoning like downtown

Paul and Catherine Lubitz want to open a medical clinic and residential units at 240 Third Avenue in Athalmer. To do so, their zoning would have to change from “gateway commercial” to “downtown commercial,” which allows for expanded business uses.

Council agreed to send the proposal forward for a public hearing.

“It’s going to be something new for Invermere, and I’m quite excited about it,” said mayor Miller.

Bright lights

A concerned resident asked council if something could be done about the light that shines on the side of Invermere Inn and Suites on 7th Avenue and bothers his friends.

“It’s going right through the night, and it’s an annoyance to them,” he said.

Councillor Ute Juras shared their sentiment: “It’s right behind my TV so I see it all the time,” she said.

Mayor Miller said the DOI will take the issue under consideration.