Dear Editor:

Regarding the article in last weeks paper, Ktunaxa to take province to court over Jumbo decision:

Very good and fair reporting by Kate Irwin on this topic. She balanced the views very well.

As an aside, what might have been included is the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada, which holds sway over the provinces as well as Canada, has stated years ago that the views and position of an affected First Nation band has to be considered before any decision be made, whether for mining, logging, road construction or ski resort is approved or disapproved. This process has been implemented by the provincial government for years now. This same consultation also includes spiritual concerns.

Over two years of consultations is normally deemed to be more than satisfactory by the Supreme Court of Canada.

If Kathryn Teneese and friends want to spend monies fighting a decision, that is their prerogative. They did not get what they wanted, so they have the legal right to challenge the system and the process. No problem with that attitude.

But let us understand what the real root issue is here. They, (Teneese and friends) did not get the decision they desired so they are now going to throw a hissy-fit in the courts. I would hope the courts, when they make their decision, award costs appropriately.

Teneese and friends are doing exactly what the anti-cull group did towards Invermere and the scourge of deer. Money, money, money wasted.

But that I guess is fine as Teneese and friends are asking for someone else to pay for their fight.

Ironic? You bet.

David R. Pacey, Radium Hot Springs