Dear Editor:

I am writing you about my concerns about the increasing bear sightings in the District of Invermere. As the bear population prepares for hibernation, you can find them roaming the streets searching for food. Invermere is a popular destination to visit, however, those who are visiting the town may not understand how dangerous it is to be near these bears. Individuals have been seen pulling over and hopping out of their cars to take pictures. 

There needs to be more communication and public awareness about the dangers of these bears and why staying away is important. If we had more warning signage and possible implementation of being fined if you are seen interacting with bears in (any) way, this may help the issue. If this ongoing issue regarding bears continues to go silenced, then an incident far more serious than getting an up-close picture of a bear could happen. By enforcing this, a member of our community or a visitor who comes to see Invermere will have a better understanding of why we want people to stay away from bears and the repercussions that may happen if they choose not to. 

Thank you,

Robert-Tye Rice, UPEI Student, Invermere , BC