Dear Editor:

I would like to let your readers know of an online computer repair scam that seems to be happening a little more frequently these days. This has been noted in your paper in the past by the RCMP and other computer technicians in the area, but I think it needs to be highlighted again.

Basically, what happens is that you get a phone call from a person claiming to be a computer technician of some sort. After explaining the issues that your computer is causing, they have you navigate their website. From there, they will have you install software which allows them to gain access into your computer via the internet.

Once they have gained access, they will then install fixes to repair these problems. I have Googled this issue and found that victims of these fixes tend to escalate into further issues, needing further repair work requiring additional fee payments.

Readers beware. A computer technician would never cold-call you to fix your computer. Its akin to an automotive mechanic phoning you, out of the blue, to fix your car. You know nothing is wrong, so why does it need fixing.

Also, readers, I have heard that these people can be very bullying and pushy to get you to do things. Do not give them a credit card number (that should be common sense these days), or any personal information.

They can be persistent, so if you can, note the phone number and ignore the calls. If your readers are interested, they can Google online computer repair scams for further reading.

Dieter Soellner, Computer Technician

Canal Flats