Dear Editor:

I am constantly amazed that people will march down main streets, petition various levels of government, and boycott the businesses of those who favor animal control in their communities, but remain silent on the much more important issues of injustices in the nations courts.

John R. Ginter, a retired RCMP officer, provided us with a great example of this in his excellent Letter to the Editor regarding injustices in Canadas courts in the February 17th edition.

Why are a disproportionate number of rogues in society given such little attention among concerned members of the citizenry who seem to find time in their normally busy routines to take a stand on things negatively affecting their communities? I cant figure it out!

Shouldnt safety, and protection from criminal activities rate far higher than a deer or rabbit eating our daisies?

Isnt it time we start standing up to a system that allows criminals to walk free from persecution for serious crimes committed or which reduces the penalty to practically nothing, because of a technical error in proceedings?

Nobody protests these things! Decent people should be parading down the main streets of this country petitioning and screaming for our leaders to fix our seriously flawed court system especially the unaccountable judiciary but they dont!

No drunk, child molester or anyone else charged with a crime should be handed a free pass back into society, because someone during the preliminaries forgot to cross a T or dot an I. Its simply crazy that this happens in such a civilized place as Canada.

Some call this country the best place on earth to live not a point most would argue.

But that view may vary depending on whether or not the person making the declaration has been the victim of a serious criminal action, and then later witnessed the guilty party walk away from his crime, laughing at a system that served him a weird kind of justice on a silver platter.

Alvin Shier

Canmore, Alberta