Dear Editor:

The Radium mayor, town council and Parks Canada have decided to try an experiment. Unfortunately, the experiment is with bighorn sheep.

In their infinite wisdom, they have decided to bring herding dogs to town and herd all the sheep up to the pre-cut pasturelands by Redstreak campgrounds.

When I inquired about the reasoning behind this idea, I was told they did not want sheep giving birth in town. I asked how many gave birth in town last year the answer was one. I was told another reason was that about eight sheep are killed on the highway each year. These are my questions about this idea: If only one sheep out of hundreds gave birth in town, why the concern? How many sheep will injure themselves as they are fleeing from the dogs? How many sheep will have to be put down or miscarry their babies? Will the highway be closed? What about the possible damage to parked cars, property, people and pets? Will there be marshal law, telling residents to stay in at certain hours? What is the real reason they want to eradicate the sheep from Radium? Do they think the streets will be cleaner?

In my opinion, this is an unnecessary experiment, one that will only bring death and stress to the sheep.

Nicole Hager

Radium Hot Springs