Dear Editor:

I have received my letter from BC Hydro telling me that it will cost me $35 a month to have my non-smart-meter read. For me, this is a smart move. Knowing I live with a lesion on my brain, these meters are a risk I do not need to take and nothing I have read or been told assures me otherwise.

What has upset me even more than having this new technology thrust upon me is that it means my meter reader is out of a job. In todays economy and in looking to the future, the sooner we sign on to a mindset that allows people to remain employed, and therefore paying taxes and putting money into the economy, the better.

Sorry if this makes me a born-again-Luddite. By the way, can anyone out there tell us what happened to the Luddites? I presume they and their families ended up in the Poor House or as we would say today on the dole. One way or another, society pays.

Jill Bell, Wilmer