By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

The Invermere Bottle Depot and Recycling Centre is back up and operating under new owners.

The new owners and Willy and Ted Kim are cousins with a background with recycling businesses. “We are so excited to have this opportunity to re-open the depot in Invermere,” said Willy. “We will do our best to ensure our customers are happy and we are really glad to be a part of the Invermere community.”

Willy emphasized the centre’s new organization and layout, which he explained offers more convenient sorting of materials for consumers. “We’ve also done some renovations to the interior,” he told the Pioneer. “The re-organization brings the Invermere centre more in line with other depots and recycling centres in B.C. Any depot you go into in B.C. you’ll see similar systems to what we now have. It just makes sense to give the people of Invermere the same system as everybody else. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

 The location accepts beverage containers, electronics and other materials, and has plans to expand its collection to additional materials in the future.

“Bringing convenient solutions that encourage recycling is what we do at Return-It, and we are excited to welcome back residents of Invermere and nearby communities,” added interim Return-It Chief Executive Officer John Nixon. “By making it easier and more convenient for consumers to recycle their empty beverage containers, we can all work together to increase B.C.’s recycling rates and divert more and more materials from landfills.”

Return It (also known as Encorp) is the nonprofit organization that oversees recycling of beverage containers and electronic devices across B.C.